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Hit the Jackpot with Email Marketing

Email marketing is something you’ve probably heard a lot about, if not tried it yourself. Here’s the big question I’m sure you’ve asked: Is it still effective? 


Is Email Marketing Dead?

Optin Monster compiled some statistics (pictured below) and compared email marketing to marketing on Facebook and Twitter. They concluded that there are more users on email and more people are active on email and use it more often than social media. 

email marketing - stats


Email marketing is not dead! In fact, it is actually still an effective way to reach your audience and convert leads! With email, you’re able to build customer relationships and get your brand out to as many people as possible.

If you don’t already have one, you should consider having an email marketing campaign set in place. Here are a few tips for getting one started, or revamping one you already have.


Email Marketing Campaign

If you’re looking to create or change up your email marketing, there are a few things to keep in mind. Once you’ve picked out an email marketing service, you’ll want to do these six things. CLICK HERE for some more tips on starting an email marketing campaign.

email marketing - goal

1. Identify A Goal

What’s your goal with this campaign? Are you wanting to send out a one-time promotion? Are you wanting a drip campaign  (meaning you’ll regularly send content to your consumers)? Decide on a plan.

Along with this, know what you want from your consumers. What are you asking them to do? Do you just want them to read and consume? Do you want them to act in some way? Decide what your “ask” is. 



Want help starting your email marketing campaign? Want to know how to best reach your audience? LET US HELP YOU! We can guide you through the process and then do your social media for you so you can focus on other areas.

Our consistency and expertise will help you manage your time so you can spend more time on the important things.

If you’d like more information on this program Sun American Mortgage offers, and how we can help with your social media, contact Jeff Boulton –, 480-467-1069.

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2. Know and Build Your Audience

Who is your audience? What do they look like? What will they respond to? You want to come across as personal, but how can you do that if you don’t know who you’re interacting with?

Once you’ve identified your existing audience, or the audience you want to reach, start building up your email list. If you have one already, you can always grow it. Make sure to keep this organized as well. 

Where do you gain consumers? Do you get them from your website? Social media? Wherever it may be, have a spot on the platform that allows them to sign up for your emails. 

Don’t just expect them to freely give up their email with no explanation. Let them know why they should want to receive your emails! They must see what’s in it for them. So tell them why!


is email marketing dead - draft3. Draft Simple Emails

You don’t want to throw a bunch of information at your readers. Stay away from the long and complex. Come up with just a few points you want to emphasize. Give each email a specific purpose! Keep your readers in mind as you write it up. What would they benefit from knowing?

Space everything out. Smaller paragraphs and bigger font is always better! Make it easy on the eyes. Including an image here and there can also make it more aesthetically appealing, which makes readers more likely to stay.

Once you’ve written out your simple email, READ IT OVER! Re-reading is always important, no matter what it is you’re writing! 


4. Create a Title

The title is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your emails! If the subject of your email isn’t catchy or your consumer doesn’t see a benefit to opening it, it will likely get put in the trash. That’s why it’s vital for you to have a catchy title!

According to SEO Pressor, using various “power words” in your title is the trick. Power words are words that motivate, incite fear or controversy, give a sense of security, are forbidden or are sexy. CLICK HERE for more information on power words to use. 

email marketing campaign - test

5. Test and Schedule

Before you send out the email, test it out. Does it get sent to your spam? If your email goes to spam, the likelihood of it getting read is slim to none.

Pick a good time to send the email. You’ll want to again consider your audience. If they’re likely ones that work in the office sending them on a weekday morning is usually the most beneficial. 


6. Track Your Success

Keep tabs on how well your campaign is doing! Email marketing services offer ways to track open rate and clicks. Keep an eye on this so you know where you’re succeeding and where you could do better! 


Email marketing is NOT dead! In fact, it should definitely be something you’re utilizing! 



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