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It’s All About Connecting!

What separates an average company or entrepreneur from a thriving and trending one? Most of the time they’ll both start out with the same budget, target their audiences, pay good money to promote their ads and both will follow some basic marketing tactics. However, the latter knows how to use psychographics, understands the importance of connecting with their niche/audience, and how to STAY connected. 

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Know Your Niche

Did you know that you’re losing sales if you’re not already using psychographics?

Don’t know what that is? Think demographics but taking it one step further. Demographics on Facebook or Google Analytics can tell us the basics. Things like gender, age, location, marital status, household income, etc. You can set this up for any ad or post on social media and generally get some good feedback from doing so. 

But psychographics tell us the WHY. Mastering this skill makes you more money and drives more traffic to your page/website. Demographics is more factual, while psychographics is less tangible.

Psychographics covers things like…

connecting - psychographics

For example, lets say your niche is new home buyers. More specifically, you want to help Millennials purchase or qualify for their first home.

JUST using demographics means you boosted a general ad or post and targeted it towards this age group. Doing this alone will maybe bring in some good business, warm leads, and a few clicks to your page. 

Incorporating psychographics means digging a little deeper. You already know Millennials are all over Instagram and Facebook, so these would be your top social platforms to target. Millennials biggest concern and stress is getting into debt. This generation is also especially interested in visually pleasing ads. The more captivating and aesthetically pleasing your ad, content, and videos are, the more likely you will be grabbing their attention. Incorporating psychographics also means you know what kind of humor, trending ads and memes are popular with this audience. 

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I promise no matter how well you think you know your niche or audience, there’s always more to learn. And why wouldn’t you want to do the research? This audience can be Millennials, Retirees, Baby Boomers- whoever it is, it benefits you to know your niche better than anyone else in the industry! Connecting is easier the more knowledgeable you become. 


Producing Engaging Content

There’s a basic set up for creating captivating content. It goes: Goal, Struggle, Objections.

Here’s a great example from

connecting - ebook

Goal: Wanting to create an eBook

Struggle: Not being able to get around to creating one.

Objections: writing the content & having the eBook designed

Identify the problem, aggravate it, and then pose the solution. 

Use your customer’s psychographics to aggravate these problems and let them know you are their solution. Throw in some interesting visuals, a call to action, and you got yourself a successful post. 

Here are a few more creative content ideas…

-ALWAYS use a visual. Funny gif, relatable meme, interesting video, or eye-catching picture-something that will bring in readers. Content alone just doesn’t cut it. 

-Dream up challenges for your followers, fun contests, and Giveaways.

-Diversify your content. Know your niche and target audience and the different types of posts they’ll be attracted to!

-Have a voice. Bring your own unique style to your writing, blogs, content, and ads. The best type of content has fresh ideas and perspectives. 

-This one is my personal favorite…share testimonials and stellar reviews! This is the only way visitors browsing through your page know you’re the best. Would you contact the personal trainer that had no “after” pics of their clients experience with them? Sprinkle these testimonial videos, reviews, and posts in every once in awhile to mix things up. 

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Personally Connect

I can’t stress this last point enough. You HAVE to follow up with comments, reach out to customers by direct messaging them, and make obvious efforts that you communicate with your customers! Be personable and avoid sounding like a robot in your responses. 

Here’s an example of a Real Estate team responding as themselves on Facebook vs. as the page admin. 

connecting - comment

The key thing to remember is to be consistent answering back and to be genuine and personable! 

To wrap up..

You’re not bugging the audience you’re reaching out to. You are the solution to their problems. It’s just about finding WHO that niche and specific audience is, WHY they need you, and consistently connecting and communicating with them as BEST you can. 

Take these tips and marketing tactics to make your mortgage or real estate business thrive on these social media platforms!

Hope you enjoyed this article, until next time! 

To learn more about connecting with your community and knowing your niche, click here! 


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