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Remodel Your Home With Little or No Money Out Of Pocket

Remodel Your Home With Little or No Money Out Of Pocket

If you find yourself wishing you had more of the home of your dreams, but realize it might not be possible….well, now we think it is. This new program just might be your dream come true!

Nothing can be more of a downer than when you come home to an outdated kitchen, carpet that not even the dog will sleep on, and a master bath that looks like something out of the “Brady Bunch.” Most people feel stuck in this situation, as these upgrades or remodeled areas would cost a fortune in out of pocket expenses.  

So you find yourself getting frustrated and depressed because you can’t seem to see your way through a solution that will work or be affordable……until now!

kitchen remodel


Get more than a home loan…get a home makeover. Meet the Renovator Loan!


One word…AWESOME! No, really…this loan is the answer to all the heartache we just mentioned above.  With just one loan, you can refinance or purchase a new “fixer-upper” and remodel the areas of your home the way you’ve always wanted. Let me explain how this works and then we’ll time you on how long it takes before you pick up the phone and call us….deal?

These unique renovator products really change the game for some. There is a misconception that these loans are only for beat-up old shacks…not so! You can refinance your home that may need a new kitchen, carpet or an extra bedroom, and have the money to accomplish this through one loan. Borrowers can choose between an FHA or conventional loan financing. 

One of the best features of these loans is that the final value of the home is based on all the improvements and renovations completed. 

How It Works

Whether it’s a refinance or a purchase, the Renovator loan works in a similar fashion. For this purpose, let’s use a refinance for example to explain how this works.

Let’s say you want to upgrade your kitchen, master bathroom and get new flooring throughout the house. The total costs for all those renovations/upgrades will be $50,000 (just as an example). And your current mortgage on the home for example is $200,000. 

Now here’s the best part! When applying for the loan, you’ll be able to take the appraised value of your home of what it would appraise at AFTER the renovations are completed. Really?! Yep! So here’s the breakdown of our example scenario and how this plays out.

which-home-renovation-projects-will-give-you-the-biggest-return-on-investment copy

Your Current Mortgage Balance: $200,000

Your New Renovation Costs:         $50,000

New Total Loan Amount:                $250,000

New Home Appraised Value:        $300,000 

Total New Equity In Your Home: $50,000 with a Loan To Value of 83%. 

With this example scenario, you would have the money you need to do all the renovations and come in with little to no money out of pocket. Because the new appraised value in this example was high enough with the renovations, it gave enough equity to easily qualify for the upgrades and left you with even more equity then you may have had before you started. Um…”that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow.” (Stewart Scott ref quote.) 

How do I get this loan?

Simple! Contact us today and we’ll walk you through every step of the process so you fully understand how to take advantage of this great program. We look forward to seeing your new remodeled home pictures after this is all done! 

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