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Top 5 Real Estate CRMs to Look At

Using a Customer Relationship Management application (or a CRM) is very important for your real estate success. CRMs not only help you improve the quality of your referral leads, but they help you use your database to your advantage. Here are five of the top real estate CRMs that we have found, and what they can offer you. 

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Top Real Estate CRMs

Although there are more CRMs for real estate out there, these are five that we have found to be extremely effective when it comes to managing leads. 


1. Top Producer

This CRM allows you get to get instant notifications on your real estate leads via text or email. As soon as the lead comes in, a count down starts, reminding you to respond ASAP. This program will also help coach you through the follow-ups and will keep you top-of-mind with your real estate leads. The application also gives you marketing tools that keep you current with past clients and leads.

The Top Producer CRM also allows you to get in contact with a lead with a click of the button! Once you’ve reached out to your leads, you’re then able to qualify them, making sure that you’re scheduling follow-ups and keeping them organized.

This application also keeps in touch with your customers while you’re working on other tasks and will then remind you when there’s another action you need to complete.

CLICK HERE for more information on Top Producer. 

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2. Realvolve

Realvolve strives to turn your leads into real relationships. The application will predict how different actions can affect your business and will help you become more efficient as you move forward.

This CRM allows you to keep track of all aspects of your business from revenue to leads. Not only does it house and organize all this information, but it will help coach you on improvement as it predicts how you’ll do with your current status.

Whether you’re wanting a simple system, or something more complex, Realvolve likely has something to fit your needs. 

CLICK HERE for more information on Realvolve.

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3. Inside Real Estate

Inside Real Estate offers an automated CRM that produces conversational autoresponders on email, text messages and more! You can even tailor the automated plan to your lead sources and types. With notifications, text messages and emails,  you and your leads will constantly be informed. Managing leads doesn’t have to be difficult.

This application also has the ability to show you a report. You can then see what’s working and what’s not working so you know what to change. 

CLICK HERE for more information on Inside Real Estate.

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4. Wise Agent

This CRM application has a built-in drip marketing campaign that keeps your leads coming in. It will send out fresh content that will turn contacts into clients. This CRM also has the ability to pull information on each of your clients and store important client documents under each lead so you can have a detailed and all-inclusive profile for each client.

Wise Agent also allows you to organize and save all your information in a calendar. Set up different appointments and alerts to keep you on your toes. Managing real estate leads just got a whole lot easier!

CLICK HERE for more information on Wise Agent.


5. REthink 

REthink allows you to capture and organize your leads in an efficient format. This application will keep you aware of upcoming tasks, touch points and current activities. You also have the ability to find client matches for different listings on the MLS.

Not only will this help you manage your real estate leads, but it will help you with your transactions as well. Keep the important dates, commission splits and more all organized in this CRM.

CLICK HERE for more information on REthink.



Want to spend more time following up with real estate leads or building up your business?  LET US HELP YOU! We can do your social media for you!

Our consistency and expertise will help you manage your time so you can spend more time on the important things.

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Why Managing Leads is So Important

When it comes to real estate, our industry is driven by leads. Without them… no paycheck. This is why it’s important to foster as many leads as possible and to develop a strong relationship with each one. The best way to lose a lead is by ignoring them. It’s vital that you stay on top-of-mind and are in constant contact! 

The more you talk to them and stay top-of-mind, the more likely you will be to turn these leads into paying clients! 

The key aspect of a CRM is the ability to manage, organize and segment your database of leads, prospects and clients. Being able to organize your database allows you to market efficiently and effectively to these different audiences, consistently drawing out revenue from each segment. 

The importance of managing leads cannot be overlooked!

If you’ve found a CRM that you like and that fits your needs, and if you want help setting up a work flow and structure, give Jeff Boulton a call today! 480-467-1069 Learn how to effectively use a CRM to manage your leads. 


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