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What You Should Know About Arizona Home Buying Programs (#2 is a MUST-READ!)

Arizona boasts a dramatic landscape while the cost of living is affordable. These among other reasons have contributed to the high number of people migrating to Arizona. The thought of buying a home in Arizona can be scary. However, with different Arizona home buying programs, you can buy a house in Arizona and live comfortably. We found out that a majority of first time home buyers in Arizona do not know how helpful different home buying programs in Arizona can be. That is why we put together what you should know about Arizona home buying programs.

  1. Not so good credit score? Arizona home buying Programs can Assist

If you are a first-time homebuyer or a returning home buyer, but your credit score is not good at all, don’t worry because Arizona home buying programs is still an option. As you may have found out already, Arizona mortgage lenders will look at your credit score to determine whether you qualify for a conventional mortgage.

Thus, if your credit score is below the required score to qualify for a conventional home mortgage, ask your mortgage broker about the different Arizona home buying programs. Programs run and backed by the Federal Housing Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture and Veterans Affairs provide a mortgage to qualified borrowers. A reliable mortgage broker in Arizona will provide advice, based on qualification criteria, letting you know the best home buying assistance program for you.

2. Buy a House with Low Down Payment or No down Payment

Saving enough money to afford the mortgage down payment can be scary. Fortunately, you can still buy a home through the no down payment home buying programs. If you have some savings but not enough to clear the whole down payment, a low down payment mortgage is still an option. Here is an overview of the different Arizona home buying programs available with zero down payment and low down payments.

  • The FHA Home Mortgage: The Federal Housing Administration backs the FHA home buying program. The FHA loan is available from selected mortgage lenders. The home buying program requires a low down payment as low as 3.5%, hence allows anyone who can raise the amount to achieve the homeownership
  • The USDA Home buying Program: Backed by the United States Department of Agriculture, the USDA home buying option provides 100% financing meaning it is a zero down payment mortgage option.
  • The VA Mortgage Option: The Department of Veteran Affairs designed the VA home loan to assist active-duty military or veterans’ own homes at an affordable cost. The VA home loan is available at 0% money down. Thus, if your credit score is lower, you are likely to be considered for this zero down payment mortgages.

Therefore, if you are interested in buying a house in Arizona but you are held back due to a lack of savings to clear the 20% down payment requirement, consider either of the above Arizona home buying programs and apply.

3. Arizona Home Buying Programs are Available Through Select Mortgage Lenders

While Arizona home buying programs are so helpful to anyone willing to buy a house in Arizona, not all mortgage lenders provide the home buying programs. Thus, if you plan to take advantage of the Arizona home buying programs, check whether your preferred mortgage lender provides the particular home buying option you are interested in.

4. Shop Around for Lower Interest Rates

Different mortgage lenders provide loans at certain interest rates. Even with the home buying programs backed through different departments, it is the mortgage lenders who set the interest rates. Thus, you are not going to find a standard interest rate that applies across the country. As a borrower, you are encouraged to shop around and find out the interest rates at which different mortgage lenders give loans. In addition, remember that you can bargain for a cheaper interest rate. Thus, when you approach the mortgage lenders, find out whether they can provide lower interest rates. This works better where you are able to raise a higher low down payment.

5. Seek Mortgage Preapproval Before you start searching for a house

Buying a home in Arizona comes with excitement. However, be advised that it is necessary you control the excitement and have a well-laid plan to avoid making mistakes. Thus, seek mortgage preapproval first, and make sure that you stick within the budget to avoid struggling to repay the mortgage.

Now you have some knowledge regarding Arizona home buying programs. You need to talk to a trusted mortgage broker who will help you through the mortgage borrowing process. Most importantly, remember that Arizona home buying programs feature much more friendly qualification criteria. This is in comparison to conventional home mortgages. However, the interest rate varies from one mortgage lender to another. Thus, be sure to shop around for lower interest rates on different mortgage programs.


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