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I'm Mike Hennigar

Your Mortgage Maestro – Making Mortgages a Breeze!

Since 2016, I’ve been your financial co-pilot, guiding clients through money matters with a my eyes on the horizon. I’ve helped turn transactions into triumphs; I’m not just in it for the numbers, I’m here to make your financial journey smooth and your future bright!

My past gig? Rocking the service management scene. Now, I get to bring that A-game to your home financing. I’ve been soaking up the Southern Utah vibes since ’07, so I get the whole “new beginnings” thing. Nailing a mortgage? It’s my jam. I’m all about the extra mile, and I mean every inch of it.

Off-duty, I’m a family guy. Lovely wifey, three awesome kiddos, and a scruffy pup – they’re my life’s secret sauce.

Ready to dive into dollars? Let’s chat! I’m all ears for new clients I can call my friends, and I’m always looking for ways to sprinkle some financial fairy dust. Your trusted money maestro is just a call away!

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Loan Officer | Transaction Manager | St. George, Utah – Joule Plaza | NMLS # 1481179


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